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Cable | IPTV | Hosted | OTT: FAQ


Content and Television networks are clearly at the center of companies attempting to offer a video product; whether this is a telephone company moving into the video space or a new ISP that has decided to add another line of service to its product portfolio.  What is clear is that without the proper content services, it will be a great challenge to be truly successful.


Annfield Media is made up of an experienced team of industry professionals who have helped design channel lineups for every size and type of operator in the video Industry for many years.  Above and beyond assisting with linear channels, VOD, and individual content, our team has also worked with all types of technological delivery mechanisms, from traditional cable to satellite to OTT and hosted solutions.  As consultants, we remain truly agnostic to which delivery technology we are working with; our number one concern is to assure our clients acquire the right content advice to engage and attract their target audience.


Our aim is to help companies with the best and most effective way to license national video networks.  We are also well versed and experienced in negotiating local broadcast channels and regional sports networks.  The earlier we are involved in the project the better, as many companies have fallen into the trap of leaving content acquisition as the last step which can prove to be an expensive mistake.  Contact us today to see if we can help you build and deliver the best content for your project.

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